Research: Importance of a Reliable Website – Part 1

When searching for the right company to do business with, one looks for reputability, capability and reliability. As a result, it is crucial for small businesses to utilize a website to establish an online identity, keeping in mind that Internet users relate a website’s appearance and performance to the quality of the business.

In April 2012, WIRED magazine conducted an online research study on behalf of 1&1 Internet.  According to the survey results, 53 percent of consumers are increasingly distressed over website unreliability. Poor uptime is greatly detrimental to a business that expects their Web space to build reputability for their name rather than distaste.

Loading times and maintenance are the most common issues people encounter while using the Internet. In fact, 68 percent of online users have become increasingly critical of a slow or unreliable website, while about 58 percent are less likely to use the company again if they experience slow or faulty service. This could mean that slow running websites are losing significant opportunities with potential as well as current customers looking for details about your company. People turn to the Web for research because it is a convenient means for obtaining information immediately. Anything they encounter that is out of line with this objective, like limited access or ongoing downtime, is reflected onto the business.

A company’s website becomes the face of a business people recognize on the Web. It helps you put your best face forward and clearly portray what products and services you offer, so supporting your website with an infrastructure that is just as reliable makes a difference in how the public perceives you. Depending on who you use as a Web hosting provider, investigate what back-up and security measures are in place on the backend of their service. Ideal support would be Dual Hosting, which means your website data is hosted on two different servers in physically separate locations. The benefit comes from the host’s ability to use the second location for putting a website online in the event of different circumstances, including server maintenance. Website visitors will continue to have access to your site without any effects of downtime.

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WIRED Magazine online research study conducted in April 2012 of 1,340 US adults.

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