Testimonial: Sam Nang – Freelance Artist


Since her early years, Sam Nang has always had a gift for the creativity. With a childhood filled with painting and storytelling, a career as an artist did not seem too farfetched. As a freelance artist, Nang understood the significance an online reputation could have on her career.

Everything from her simple sketches to finished works of art had a story that Nang wanted to communicate. In order to best position herself to potential clients and customers, Nang knew that creating an online portfolio was the best outlet for wide spread exposure. Taking the advice from friends, Nang created her website with the 1&1 MyWebsite tool.

“Once I decided to get online, I wasn’t sure where to begin. The process became very overwhelming until I talked to some friends in the animation field. They recommended 1&1 MyWebsite for its user-friendly set-up and wide spread visual options. I took their advice and am so happy that I did!” said Nang.

For the past four years, Nang has used her MyWebsite as a main source of communication and outreach for her art. She uses her own website as an online portfolio displaying all of her work. By allowing perspective employers and clients to browse through her work and contact her for potential job opportunities, Nang has been able to increase her workload and reputation.

“Before getting online, I was realizing that I needed a professional representation of my work.  A website was the perfect solution for potential employers to find me and get in contact for job opportunities. 1&1 MyWebsite has provided me with a convenient way for potential clients to view my work. Since creating my site I have gained interested individuals and collaborative partnerships,” says Nang.

Displaying over 80 examples of art including character design, digital painting and figure drawing, MyWebsite is the perfect tool to help display Nang’s entire portfolio. The easy drag-and-drop Web elements give her the opportunity to showcase her demo reel and animation experience via YouTube videos directly on her site.

“I have taken full advantage of the photo gallery options as well as the video upload feature via YouTube. These are essential tools for displaying my work and are so easy to use!” said Nang.

Before becoming a 1&1 customer, Nang created a website using free portfolio builders she found on the Internet.

“Prior to using MyWebsite, I used free portfolio sites that didn’t work particularly well for me and my needs. They only offered limited templates and few options for me to display my work. 1&1 MyWebsite provided me with an easy, affordable and successful solution for showcasing my work while increasing my exposure with perspective clients,” Nang continued.

With no previous Web developer knowledge, Nang is able to maintain an up-to-date and professional website to further her career and opportunities in the art community with the help of 1&1 MyWebsite.

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