New gTLD Testimonial: New Angle Media

New Angle Media is a marketing technology agency that specializes in creating software, solutions, and studio productions for a number of high-level clients. President of the agency, Kristopher Brandt, understands the importance of keeping up with the newest technology trends, since he is always recommending the same thing for his clients.

With the introduction of hundreds of new generic top-level domains to the market, Brandt jumped on the opportunity to secure a new, relevant domain name for his business.

“With better search placement and a whole new world of branding opportunities opening up with these next-generation domain names, we are excited to see the possibilities going forward,” said Brandt. “This new era of domain extensions will really allow us to micro target our marketing efforts and help us clearly distinguish who we are and what we do.”

Brandt plans to set up the new NewAngle.Solutions domain name to redirect to a specific landing page on the existing agency website. This way they can target a specific audience for marketing purposes, and clearly measure how effective their efforts are.

“The new TLDs provide virtually limitless opportunities for highly-targeted branding that will allow small businesses to acquire domain names that identify their specific industries or areas of focus,” said Brandt.

Brandt also encourages other business owners not to miss out on the opportunity to a secure a new, relevant domain name for their website.

“The Web and its underlying technology and now infrastructure are constantly changing, and businesses large and small must proactively adapt or risk being left behind,” he said. “As usual, 1&1 is ahead of the curve in staying on top of the latest Web technology and we are pleased with their industry leading service.”

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