Our Business is to Make You Successful in Yours

Sandi's Bakery

Our customers are the ones that fuel our innovation and passion for business, and 1&1’s team is striving to provide you with the best customer service possible. No matter what question you have, you can always find help via phone, email, or our help page. We are always ready to provide advice or support.

Check out what some of our MyWebsite customers had to say about their 1&1 experience with our support teams:

Sandi Smith, owner of Sandi’s Breads (www.SandisBreadsPA.com)

“We were able to start with a product we were very pleased with and when we needed to make changes or add elements or redesign something, all of those things were really easy. Customer service at 1&1 has been really wonderful to deal with. It was really nice to be able to call and have them walk me through something if I didn’t understand exactly where in the menu system to go. It was very rare that that happens but when it did I just had to call in and they knew exactly what I was talking about.”

Samantha Darcy, owner and master groomer of The Main Lion Cat Grooming Salon (www.themainlion.com)

“I knew I needed to build a website in order to show exactly what it is that I do and the services that we can provide for their cat. With 1&1, they are always there for me and no matter what I asked them, no matter how stupid the question was, they literally, genuinely wanted to help.”


Our team of experienced agents will make sure you find value in our services, affordable products and easy to use services. After all, our business is to make you successful in yours.

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