Access Your Site’s Analytics on Your Smartphone with the 1&1 Insights App

You should already be familiar with 1&1’s SiteAnalytics tool, which gives you all kinds of useful information about the traffic that goes to your site: total and unique page views, which sections of your site are the most popular, where visitors come from, and so on. You can, of course, access this through your 1&1 Control Panel, but a different path is to install the free 1&1 Insights app for your Android or Apple phone. You can find this app by searching for “1&1 Insights” on the Google Play or Apple store. Once downloaded, open the app and then enter the domain and your 1&1 password to access stats for that site.

Navigating the App

Your key stats – page impressions, visits, most popular pages and traffic sources – are displayed on the left. Details for the currently selected stat are displayed on the right, centered around a line graph or pie chart – depending on the section you are looking at.

You have a choice of three date periods to analyze – namely the past week, month, or year. If you are viewing page impressions or visits, you will see a scrollable list of impressions per day beneath the bar chart (or tap the bar chart itself to see when particular spikes occurred). Popular pages and traffic sources are split into pie charts, with each slice clearly labelled. Tap a “slice” of the pie chart to view more detailed statistics.

And that’s it. 1&1 Insights is not designed to replace SiteAnalytics entirely – you will still want to access the site for more detailed statistics such as search engine and Web browser use, for example – but what it does offer is a quick and easy way to get at-a-glance data at the key performance stats for your site, which are updated in real time. If you want to quickly keep an eye on your site’s performance with a simple tap, 1&1 Insights is a great tool to add to your arsenal.

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