Utilize Web Apps to Share Content through Social Media

1&1 MyWebsite Web Apps

Allowing you to place elements on your 1&1 Website to make it easy for anyone to share that page with their friends and followers. To add a plugin to your website, click ‘Add Web Apps’ when in editing mode, then browse the Social Networks section:


Sign up for an AddThis account, and this useful widget allows you to not just place buttons for sharing your website via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, email and other platforms, it also allows you to analyze the results and find out more about the people who’ve been sharing your content, making it easier for you to engage with them.


You’ll find a number of standalone buttons you can integrate into your website – you can encourage users to share a link to your site via their own Facebook feed using the Facebook Send Button widget, or you can drive visitors to sign up for updates from your Facebook Page through a useful Facebook Like Box. There’s even a handy Facebook Comments box for allowing users to share their opinions about your site.


Boost your website’s presence on Google’s social sharing platform with the help of a Google +1 button, allowing users to recommend it with a single click by helping to boost its visibility, not just in Google+, but also through improved search engine rankings on Google itself. You can also direct people to your Google+ profile via a useful badge too, plus share interactive content from Google+ on your site.


There are a number of useful sharing widgets available for LinkedIn users – the standard ‘LinkedIn Share’ button makes it easy for visitors to post your site’s content to LinkedIn, while ‘LinkedIn Profile’ lets people access you or your company’s profile in LinkedIn. There’s also a ‘LinkedIn Recommend’ button for allowing your visitors to recommend your products or services too.


Pinterest is great for sharing visually interesting content, and you can save yourself time and hassle duplicating content by integrating the Pinterest Board widget into your site, which lets your users see your best pinned content without having to leave your site. You can also pin individual images and captions on your site, complete with convenient ‘Pin it’ button for others to share, like or comment. A more basic Pin button can be incorporated for sharing images directly from your site too, and of course there are buttons for encouraging visitors to connect with you on Pinterest too.


If you blog through the Tumblr platform, the Tumblr Blog button allows you to present pictures from your own blog (or a relevant company’s blog) on your site, plus add buttons encouraging users to share content through Tumblr or simply follow your blog in return.


Adding buttons for sharing content from your website on Twitter can be found on the main Twitter pages, but if you want to incorporate content from Twitter on your site, you’ll find options for integrating your favorited Tweets, a list or custom timeline.

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