3 Things Business Owners Need to Know about WordPress

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In just eight short years, WordPress has grown to be the most popular resource for website design, powering 23% of the Internet. With its free platform, ease of use, community-based development, and customization capabilities, the open-source content management system (CMS) is showing no signs of slowing down its growth.

So what should business owners know about this power player?

1.       It’s not just for blogs anymore!

WordPress is historically known for being the “go-to” CMS for bloggers. Often times, business owners feel that the CMS is exclusive to this user base, but in fact, most WordPress websites are not blogs.

Business owners, journalists, bloggers, and developers all create unique Web projects with WordPress. In fact, some of the most notable sites include CNN, the National Football League, TechCrunch, and UPS to name a few. Currently the platform is responsible for more than 74 million sites on the Web today and this number continues to grow by the minute.

2.       Customization for all

No matter how technically knowledgeable you are, WordPress offers functionality to deliver great customization for any website. During the setup process, users have the opportunity to select a theme from the WordPress library offering more than 2,500 different options. While this feature is great for designing an attractive and properly functioning site, there is the possibility that other websites will have a similar look and feel to yours.

However, there are options to making yours more unique and able to stand out against the rest. If you are comfortable using plugins, some allow you to adjust the theme to fit your individual brand. On the other hand, coding knowledge can deliver complete control over the site. Adjusting via the website backend leaves little limitation as to just how much can be changed and personalized.

3.       It’s never finished

All good business owners know that there is always room for improvement. WordPress is no different. As an open-source CMS, they rely on a community of developers and enthusiasts to help evolve the platform. Various viewpoints, experience levels and ideas help ensure that the newest and greatest concepts are implemented. Plugins and Themes are being updated regularly as bug fixes and innovative concepts are being applied. Furthermore, the teams work to introduce new versions of the CMS every six months or so to deliver improved usability and features. To date, there have been more than 100 versions.

Dominating the Web design space, WordPress has proven to be one of the most valuable tools for Web projects for everyone from restaurateurs, doctors, and photographers to developers and bloggers. For more details on how 1&1 can help with your WordPress site, visit www.1and1.com/wordpress.

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