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Whether you’re a brick and mortar business, a pure online player or maybe both, if consumers want to find the products you sell or the services you offer, they will do so online.

According to a study of GE Capital Retail Bank, 81% of consumers research online before visiting store. It is a fact, that online research plays a bigger role throughout the major purchase process. Consumers are shifting away from using printed YellowPages and other offline media to find local businesses. Much of this is thanks to the convenience of mobile devices. Even if you are not online, you should make sure potential customers are able to find your offline business on the Web. Otherwise, you are bound to lose serious business.


Curious how well your business can be found online? In order to provide companies with a good perspective of their current position, 1&1 is offering a free online check tool enabling businesses to test their “searchability” on the Internet based on company name and address.

Check your online presence right now for free and see for yourself!

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How easy or difficult it is to be found online depends on your online presence: if you have no website or online shop, search engine entries, social media presence nor listing in any business directories, it is almost impossible for potential customers to find your store via online search.

1&1 is excited to deliver List Local to businesses so they can quickly and effectively advance their online presence. Only a few steps are needed to add important company details in more than 55 leading business directories on the Web.

  • Online directories such as Yahoo business pages, Superpages, and YellowPages.com
  • Search engines as Google My Business and Bing places for business
  • Social media sites like Facebook, Yelp and Foursquare


Beginners and professionals alike can count on low maintenance, great accessibility, and more customer contacts with improved visibility on the Web. No longer is there a need to register with each, individual platform. The initial entry and all subsequent updates (like changes in opening hours or promotions) are performed only once from one, central location. The entry status and customer feedback from each portal can be viewed within the platform as well. This data can be used for both advertising and insight to advance the company’s own offerings. With a complete profile on each individual directory, the business will profit from better visibility and search engine placement.

By listing your business on those powerful portals and sites you make sure consumers will find their way to your local store.

ListLocal - Phone App


Do not overlook the power of adding NAP (Name/Address/Phone) to all of your listings. In the fast-paced online world, your entries have mere seconds to gain the attention of potential customers. That’s why displaying your address and phone number – or even better a call button and a directions link – right next to your business’ name can be of great value in helping you attract more customers. Displaying reviews is also an excellent way to outshine your competition, since it creates trust in the blink of an eye.

1&1 ListLocal gives companies a better chance to be easily and quickly found online and to feature their contact details instantly on more than 55 online directories, search engines, apps and map services.


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