5 Easy Steps to Setup Your Personal ListLocal Account

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Keeping track of all the different portals and online directories that your company is listed in can be a time consuming and frustrating matter. However, it is extremely necessary to regularly check on your entries to make sure your data is consistent and updated as well as new reviews are responded to in a timely manner. If not managed correctly, search engines can penalize your ranking while misleading current and potential customers.

With 1&1 ListLocal you can manage all of your entries from one, single place. The tool will enter your business details into more than 55 online directories and listing sites, keep the entries updated and consistent, and present all customer feedback within an organized timeline. Furthermore, all this can be achieved in just a couple of minutes.
And that is why today we will show you how to setup ListLocal in 5 easy steps:

 Step 1: Basic Data

ListLocal Setup - Basic Data Step

Start by inputing your company’s basic data or company’s name and physical address. A map visual will be created and displayed automatically for you. Next, choose up to 10 industries, or categories your business best fits, like “Restaurant”, “Plumber”, “Barber” etc. You can also choose the payment options you are accepting.

Step 2: Contact Details

ListLocal Setup - Contact Details Step

Add your business‘ primary phone number so customers may reach you by phone. There is room for additional numbers if you wish to include more but this is not mandatory. Add your website’s correct Web address (URL) and up to five email addresses for your business. It is highly suggested to include at least one email address since many consumers prefer this kind of communication.

Step 3: Hours of Operation

ListLocal Setup - Hours Step

Put in your hours of operation for each weekday you are open for business. You may use the comments section to provide helpful information like “Appointments can be scheduled by phone” or “Group tours need to be booked at least seven days in advance”.

Step 4: Logo and Images

ListLocal Setup - Images Step

Upload your company’s logo and the main image of your business. You can also upload additional pictures like photos of your facility, staff, and special events for all to see.

Step 5: Company Description

ListLocal Setup - Description Step

In the final step you may provide up to 10 keywords for your directory entries. In the above example, an Italian restaurant chose “Bar,” “Cappuccino,” and “Restaurant” since they want to be relevant to those consumers searching for these words within an online directory.

Use the description section to give potential customers a good impression of your business. You may also put in helpful information for preemptive questions, e.g. “We offer gluten-free menu selections!”.

Finally you may add your YouTube channel’s Web address.

After clicking “Save” one last time, you have completed the setup and may hit “Submit to directories”. This step submits the data to more than 55 online directories and creates complete business entries for your business.


Now that you have taken the necessary steps to set up your ListLocal account, you can use the Dashboard and Feedback pages to manage your online presence on more than 55 listings.

 The Dashboard

ListLocal Setup - Dashboard Step

ListLocal’s dashboard provides a clearly structured overview of all your listings and entries. Since most of the online directories and listing sites have different processes, some entries are up and running more quickly than others. To check the status of each individual site, click the “Your Directories” tab. Then, clicking the icon on the far right will directly open your applicable directory entry.

The “Your Data” tab provides feedback on how complete your input is. Most is not mandatory, but in order to increase your online presence we recommend to maximize this section to a 100%.


ListLocal Setup - Feedback Step

And finally, the “Your Customer Feedback” tab provides an aggregated feed of all of your customer reviews and activities linked to your business’s entries. Each displayed review features a link to the original, making it very easy to manage customer feedback.

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