How a Domain Portfolio Can Save Your Business

Domain Name Registration

Last year, the Internet landscape was completely redefined with the launch of the first (of what will be more than 1,000) new top-level domains (TLDs). These domain endings include options like .nyc, .restaurant, .web, .email, and .consultant to name a few. In today’s congested namespace, new businesses have shown excitement for the opportunity to claim a piece of the Web relevant to their business. Now it’s possible to clearly communicate a specialty, location, industry, and business type directly within the Web address – making the best first impression on those browsing the Internet.

However, this development within the domain name realm can make it more difficult for a business to secure their online reputation and safeguard against malicious activity. For example, a common virtual crime is cybersquatting. This refers to the practice of purchasing domains that use the names of existing businesses or people with the intent to damage or resell the domain to the individuals for a large personal profit. Often they have a goal of causing confusion, harming the company’s reputation, or even conducting malicious activity like spreading viruses or stealing customer data.

Fortunately, strategies can be leveraged to protect a business, its customers, and its online presence from such damage. Perhaps the most beneficial is building a strong, extensive domain portfolio. By acquiring more than one domain name to associate with your brand, you can protect the reputation and ensure you gain the Web traffic and customers you deserve.

Variations that include misspellings, symbols, abbreviations, and different domain endings should all be evaluated. If a customer trying to find your website types too quickly, for example, and misses a character or forgets what domain ending you use, this strategy will guarantee they will still be able to reach your site effortlessly.

For instance, if your domain name is, you will also want to register options like, 1and1.web, or even By covering all your options and redirecting the domains to your official site, you can safeguard your online brand and ensure you gain the Web traffic and customers you deserve.

The best defense is a good offense. Be reactive by evaluating the relevant TLDs that are already available to the public. However, don’t forget to also be proactive and investigate those that are planned to launch in upcoming months. 1&1 Internet offers a great showroom that allows users to look up all TLDs that are available, register domain names, and pre-reserve a name to stay fully updated on its release plans.

Many Web and business experts suggest acquiring multiple versions of a business’s online address. Owning multiple domains can not only be beneficial for branding purposes and searches, but also the security of your business and your customers.

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