How Video (and .VIDEO) Can Help Your Small Business Achieve Its Goals


Video and marketing go together like peanut butter and jelly. You could attempt to consume them separately, but the effect wouldn’t be nearly as satisfying, and what’s the point of doing something if you’re not going to do it right?

In May, YouTube celebrated its 10-year anniversary which got us all thinking about how far video has come in the past decade. Once upon a time, a business looking to create video content required an entire marketing team and a big budget. Creating video content wasn’t necessarily a priority for smaller businesses, which was fine because consumer expectations were different as well. This was an era before smart phone technology ensured that almost everyone has immediate access to the necessary tools to both create and watch videos.

Today’s consumer is more tech savvy than ever before, and they know what they like: video. Statistically, four-fifths of consumers have liked a business video on Facebook, and half of these consumers have shared at least one of these videos. The presence of a video link in a company newsletter makes consumers 50 percent more likely to read the newsletter. Additionally, consumers would prefer to obtain information about a product in video more than in text. The power of video almost speaks for itself (although, of course, we’re always happy to champion such a brilliant artistic and functional medium). And, there are numerous videographers and production companies that can work with a range of budgets who will probably be happy to help meet your needs.

We also happen to know that video, as a medium, is particularly well adapted to mobile devices. Creating readable text content for a smart phone can prove difficult. Do you choose mobile optimization for your text, in which case the content will be readable but likely abbreviated? Or do you forego mobile optimization knowing that your content will be fully present, but both difficult to read and navigate? With video, at least, questions of mobile optimization are not an issue. Video and smart phones pair every bit as beautifully as the aforementioned peanut butter and jelly, with minimal effort and decision-making on your part.

The real question is: what do you do with this video content once it’s been created? How do you get the most out of that investment of energy, creativity, time, and money?

And the answer to that question might differ depending on your needs. Maybe you’ve got a section of your business website dedicated to video content. Or perhaps you have a YouTube channel brimming with useful content, how-to videos, and customer testimonials. The only problem is that every time your business shares the location of that YouTube channel, you’re promoting the YouTube brand while diluting your own branding opportunity. You’re working to direct your audience to Doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue, does it?

What if you could tell your audience to visit and the link would take them directly to your YouTube channel? It’s short. It’s memorable. And it contains the precise amount of necessary information – your business name and the word “video” – no more, no less.

And in a couple of months when you decide that Vimeo or Wistia or Vzaar or Daily Motion would be a better digital home for your video content, you can point to any of those destinations. Your customers can benefit from the consistency of knowing they can find your video content at even if the destination changes from a YouTube page to a Vimeo page to a specially designated area of your website.

Video has always succeeded in pushing social and technological boundaries. A business of any size that embraces this potential, married with the enhanced originality and branding potential of .VIDEO, had better be prepared to make a bold, forward-looking statement with its marketing efforts. Learn more about .VIDEO domains and register your own in the 1&1 Domain Showroom. For a limited time .VIDEO domains are only for $14.99 for the first year (regularly $24.99/year).


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