Turning Web Traffic into Foot Traffic

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Many business owners work tirelessly for months, or even years to gain significant traffic to their website. Facebook likes, retweets, or other engagement across online platforms can attribute to this great accomplishment. But what if you have achieved this traffic goal online but not still lack the attention to your physical location?

You do not need to neglect one strategy for another but rather leverage your online visibility to draw customers in person.

Over the last few weeks, I have discussed how to setup and get the most out of your 1&1 ListLocal, which can help you either increase your existing online presence or create a new one with minimum effort. Furthermore, this listing tool can help you drive more traffic to your store, but you need to shift your way of thinking and consider online and offline to be one strategy. It may seem strange but consider these facts:

  • More consumers are looking online to find physical locations of businesses
  • There are growing trends for “Webrooming” (getting information online but then buying locally) and “Showrooming” (getting information locally and buying online)
  • Mobile apps are delivering optimal conveniences for those in search of local establishments

This direct correlation between the two purchasing avenues can help fuel new approaches to marketing strategies. Last week we have talked about the importance of incentives when trying to direct in-store shoppers to your online presence and this is equally true the other way around.

But first, let’s look at the main motivators for buying online rather than in-store. The below chart from PwC’s Global Retail and Consumer practice shows that better prices is the main reason why people prefer to shop on the Web.

PwC Research - Q8

PwC Research – Q8


Take on this challenge and consider exclusive in-store promotions and sales to those that follow you online. Email marketing, social media, or even website coupons can all be offered to encourage foot traffic. Coupons and special offers have a lot of influence when consumers are deciding whether to visit a store in-person or just find something by browsing the Internet. Additionally, one-time customers may be re-engaged via newsletter or social media with attractive and exclusive deals.

PwC’s Global Retail and Consumer practice also illustrated the significance that both online and offline purchasing has on business bottom lines. If used strategically, the potential that lies within combining these efforts can deliver an incredible sales result.

PwC Research - Q24

PwC Research – Q24


Use your online presence to really promote your physical store. On every listing and outlet, be sure to accompany the basic business details (like name, address, phone number, URL) with attractive pictures of the location. Creating a marketing strategy that encompasses both efforts on the Web and at a brick and mortar store will be sure to drive traffic and sales to both channels.


Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/londoneye

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