A New Place on the Internet: Pre-Registration for .ONLINE Starts Today

The possibilities are endless for your online store, business website, or private Web project and today the new .ONLINE domain extension could be the perfect place for your Internet presence. Starting today, you can take the first step toward owning a space in the new Internet landscape and pre-register your .ONLINE domain with 1&1. For companies, associations and individuals, this new top-level domain (TLD) offers great opportunities and a wide range of possibilities for a unique URL. 

Anyone who is looking for an expressive and memorable Web address will have the opportunity to clearly communicate the purpose of their website through a domain ending in .ONLINE. You could register your business name, individual items or even types of products. For business owners, this presents a competitive advantage over those who do not have a descriptive Web address.

Those looking to reach an international audience may be especially interested in a .ONLINE domain. The word “online” is understood in many countries and immediately associates your business name with the Internet. Much like .com, .org or .net, this versatile new TLD can connect you with a worldwide audience. Having a website with a universal meaning will ensure that your brand messaging and marketing initiatives are interpreted correctly around the globe.

Furthermore, from a branding perspective, a .ONLINE domain can help showcase your business to its full potential. For example, those with a physical location can register a URL with the same name. (Of course, this has been possible for years assuming that the domain name wasn’t already taken.) However, when spoken out loud, a .ONLINE address immediately tells the listener that you are talking about your website without needing to preface the conversation with unnecessary information. In today’s fast-paced world, it’s essential that you convey messages as quickly as possible.

First come, first served: Starting today you can pre-register a domain ending with .ONLINE via the 1&1 Domain Showroom. Once you’ve done that, you are first in line for your desired domain ahead of other 1&1 customers. Pre-registering enables us to process your order as quickly as possible when .ONLINE domains become available to register in mid-August. Be quick to secure your desired URL! While you may be ahead of other 1&1 customers, those who pre-register the same domain with different vendors are entered into a lottery to decide who is awarded the contract.


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