Elevating Your News Above the Digital Noise

You don’t have to be royalty in order to have news worth sharing with the world. Whether it’s an exciting new product launch, details about the annual company picnic, or financial updates for investors, your ability to effectively communicate with your fans, audience, and customers can make the rest of your job easier.

The question is, with seemingly countless companies, websites, and blogs competing for limited attention, how do you elevate your news above the digital noise?

We all recognize the value of quality content. But once you have the quality content in your possession, how do you make sure it finds the right audience?

One simple method is to ensure that your news is appropriately labeled and easily searchable online. For example, a website labeled www.mycompany.com could contain a wide variety of content ranging from products available for purchase to a company blog to videos to bios for company executives. A website labeled www.mycompany.news clearly and concisely explains what readers can expect to find, and in the churning sea of uncertainty, confusion, and adult content that is the internet, there’s something to be said for simplicity and clarity.

Consider the following companies that have registered a .NEWS domain and ask yourself what type of information you would expect from these brands:

  • Microsoft
  • Visa
  • AutoZone
  • Xbox
  • Zappos
  • Car Dealer Magazine

Now imagine that you’re looking for news about cars–because you’re a smart consumer and if you’re shopping for a new vehicle, you do your homework–and www.bodyshop.news is one of the search results. Odds are you’d feel pretty confident clicking that link knowing exactly what you’re going to find. In fact, Car Dealer Magazine registered www.bodyshop.news in addition to www.automotivemanagement.news and www.motortrader.news.

The .NEWS extension is applicable to any channel a company utilizes to disseminate information, whether a newsletter, blog, or simply a webpage to house company press releases.

Equally important, a .NEWS Web address leverages the authority and history of a very powerful term and industry: news. By tapping into this tradition, a company can lend some of that credibility and authority to its messaging. You might not be a member of the more traditional media, and certainly Car Dealer Magazine, Zappos, Visa, AutoZone, Xbox, and Microsoft would likely never make that claim for themselves, but that hasn’t stopped them from leveraging the power of the term “news”.

And that’s the scoop on how digitally savvy companies and organizations can use this hot-off-the-presses domain extension to clearly label and lend credibility to important company messaging.

Capitalize on this opportunity and register a domain ending with .NEWS to showcase your important announcements. For a limited time, .NEWS domains are $14.99 for the first year (regularly $24.99/year).

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