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Each year, the “who’s who” of the Web hosting industry gathers at HostingCon. At this conference, some of the best and most influential companies and individuals from the industry come to learn and collaborate on the latest news, ideas and technology to affect their business. This year, 1&1 was not only excited to join the discussions, but be an active part of the event. With a Cloud presentation, new TLD panel discussion and an expo booth, we made our mark on this year’s HostingCon in San Diego!

As part of the prestigious Technical Track of seminars, 1&1’s Javier Salcedo Gadea, our in-house global cloud expert and a key contributor to 1&1’s new Cloud Server, delivered an eagerly awaited presentation called “Building the Cloud of Your Dreams”. Over the past decade, the concept of ‘cloud’ has promised some clear and attractive benefits. However, such cloud ‘promises’ are often diluted down because the final cloud solution received from some providers can be too inflexible or lack power. Salcedo highlighted how there are some great solutions in both the ‘simple clouds’ (mostly for consumer applications) and the ‘mega clouds’ (for enterprise level needs), but the mid-market cloud (for SMBs and smaller-scale developers) is often the most under served. 1&1 aims to make a real difference by targeting this segment of the market.

Cloud of Your Dreams Presenation

Javier highlighted how when buying cloud servers, one should consider how solutions are matching up to every one of these cloud promises – lower TCO, more power, ease of use, more reliability, greater flexibility, increased transparency, no vendor lock in, and long term support from a vendor. When selecting a cloud platform, the conclusion should be based on the resultant overall cloud experience. “In 2015, Cloud Flexibility should be fully free – users should not be forced to commit or buy more than they need”, he said.

Cloud providers that are investing in the best component parts for networking, computing, storage and web interface, for the long term, will be better able to optimize their users’ cloud journey. Providers like 1&1 need to plan ahead in terms of how their offerings develop in the future – the best platforms will have a continuous roll out of new functionalities.

The audience were guided through the technical decisions behind the development of 1&1’s excellent new server platform. “1&1 has been working to deliver a totally new generation Cloud Server – as much as possible to be the ‘Cloud of Your Dreams’. We were sure to check that every single decision we took about our Cloud Server made life easier for the customer, adds Salcedo.

He went on to explain how using premium partner providers like SolidFire SSD has made a real difference – contributing to a transformed Cloud customer experience. Indeed, by using SolidFire pure SSD rather than spinning disk, although costing 1&1 more as a provider, leads to lightning quick performance, as it provides real time duplication and compression. 1&1’s cloud users should experience virtually unlimited disk performance as a result. SSD is also a rapidly evolving area of tech so is likely to progress to become even better. A recent benchmarking study from Cloud Spectator revealed how 1&1 Cloud Server has achieved the best price performance ratio as a result of such technical decisions.

Salcedo finished by highlighting at how 1&1 continues to work every day to enhance and future-proof its cloud infrastructure. “For example, we are always working to enhance interoperability – this can be improved by all across the industry”, he added.

During the event, there were a lot of conversations surrounding how the new top-level domains (TLDs) performed during their first year into market. To properly evaluate the topic, the Editor in Chief of Web Host Industry Review Magazine, Nicole Henderson, lead a panel discussion with domain industry leaders. Nino Tommasetti from 1&1, Lauren Price from Public Interest Registry, Bob Samuelson from Donuts, and Crystal Peterson from Neustar offered their individual expertise and examined the results of industry strategies.

The panelists all agreed that new TLD sales have performed as anticipated. In fact, 1&1 announced that, as we roll over into year two of the new domain names, renewal rates have exceeded expectations. That said, all panelists agree that there is still work to be done when it comes to increasing adoption rates.

nTLD HostingCon Twieet

The next year will be very exciting for the industry as we are expected to see continued growth rates and businesses start to integrate the domains further into their online strategies.

This was also the first time 1&1 has ever showcased an expo booth at HostingCon USA. With Cloud experts and team members flying in from locations like the UK, Spain, and Germany, the conversations were lively and incredibly informative.

Busy 1&1 Expo Booth

Were you at HostingCon this year? What was your favorite part of the show?


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