The Secret to Acquiring a Top-Notch Staff

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It is a constant competition when searching for new career paths and opportunities. Candidates are often just another applicant in a sea of hundreds so it can be difficult to stand out. As a business owner, you strive to create a team that is innovative, driven and willing to go the extra mile but filtering through the stack of resumes can be daunting, until now. Look for applicants that have…

Personal Websites!

Finding an employee that invests the time and money needed to create a professional, personal website is a huge win. In fact, in a recent survey commissioned by Domain.ME, the provider of the .ME domain extension, 67 percent of HR professionals said that a personal website provides more insight into a candidate than a traditional resume alone.

For companies looking for new employees, this technique can quickly identify a self-motivated and tech-savvy individual. Business owners and hiring managers will want to seriously consider adding this element as a factor in their decision making process.

Some other key findings from the research include:

  • Half believe a personal website helps to “humanize” a candidate.
  • One-in-five recruiters surveyed said they “frequently or always” screen candidates on Facebook, and nearly half check candidates’ Facebook at least some of the time.
  • Four-in-ten recruiters would be more inclined to contact a candidate with the personal website when considering two candidates with seemingly equal qualifications.

dotME HR Infographic

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