What You Need to Consider When Selecting Domain Names

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Most savvy business owners understand the marketing value of owning multiple domain names for their business. But did you know that registering multiple domain names can actually help protect your brand, and ultimately your business?

Say, for instance, that you own a bakery called “Bob’s Cake Factory” in a popular shopping center. Business is going well until a new store opens up right next to yours called, “Bob’s Cakes.” It wouldn’t be an ideal situation for you, or any other business owner, right?

Like the brick-and-mortar storefront, to protect your online presence, you need to protect your domain name. One way you can do this is by registering multiple domains. For example, if you already own www.bobscakefactory.com or plan to register that specific name, you may want to consider purchasing your second-level domain (“bobscakefactory”) with other top-level domain extensions like .NET or .TV. Additionally, you may also want to register variations of the name.

Consider the following benefits when deciding what domains to register for brand protection:

  • Plan for future growth

    You may be starting off locally, but your business may expand regionally, nationally or even globally in a few years. Be proactive and keep possible future expansion plans in mind by purchasing multiple domains, including domain extensions in other countries.

  • Accommodate misspellings

    If you have a name that is easily misspelled, allow for that, too. This way, you can direct users to the right destination instead of an error page or a competitor’s. In a way, it’s how you would trademark your actual name and the nearest variations. If you already have a domain name, you can dig into the analytics of your URL to see how traffic is getting to your site. You may be surprised to see that some of the main driving terms are actually your domain name spelled incorrectly. Better to purchase those domains before your competition does.

  • Protect your name and ward off competition

    Since your company’s name and image are vital to your brand and identity, picking up your name and any common variations will help maintain your online reputation. Registering more than one domain name for your company also reduces the chances of your competitors registering a similar one. So take control of your primary domain by registering associated variations to prevent others from stepping on your turf.

A key to successful business ownership is protecting your assets and seizing every opportunity to differentiate yourself. When doing business online, this means protecting your most valuable Web asset – your domain name – and using it wisely and effectively to grow your revenue.


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