Think Bigger, Think Globally – the New Top-Level Domain .GLOBAL is Available from 1&1

For those who identify themselves as being a global organization, and for those who aspire to grow into a global brand, there is a new top-level domain from 1&1 – .GLOBAL. The .GLOBAL domain allows you to make a definitive positioning statement for your website, by signaling your international business operations. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to communicate your international strategy and unify your entire domain portfolio under a global umbrella.

The Word “global” is understood in many languages, and makes a definitive positioning statement for your company. Thus, the .GLOBAL domain is the perfect choice for those who want to reach an international audience, and complement your existing global namespaces such as .COM or .NET.

.GLOBAL suits multinational communities as well as international enterprises. With the new domain extension, these communities get the chance to present their global engagement and visions under a suitable and easy-to-remember Web address. .GLOBAL can be used as either a stand-alone Web address or the top level hierarchy of the domain portfolio

You can register your new .GLOBAL domain ending via the 1&1 Domain Showroom.

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