How Adding LiveChat to Your Website Can Improve Customer Satisfaction

by Olga Kolodynska

What is the most important thing in customer service for you? For 44% of online consumers it is having a live person answer their questions while they are in the middle of an online purchase.  Moreover researchers show, customers are willing to pay more for products if the company provides a great customer service. So why not provide a LiveChat on your website to improve your customer satisfaction?

Customers get help the moment they need it

Imagine a customer visits your website for the first time. He might click through your site not really knowing what he’s looking for. If you notice something like that on your website, LiveChat gives you the possibility to help. You can contact visitors in your chat window and offer some advice, for example inform them about differences between your products or helptfdrz them decide, what service he needs.That’s a real advantage of LiveChat over other communication channels. It lets you engage with customers while they’re still on your website, ready to buy. Not hours after they left it.
Customers are happy getting advice from you the moment they’re confused. Also, you don’t have to worry about too many inquiries.By chatting with a few customers at the same time, you don’t let them wait for your help. You’re available the moment they need your help or advice, which is what they appreciate most.

Communication is much smoother compared to emails

Through chat, customers get more tailored information than via emails. A customer service conversation through email takes much longer and it is less personal than talking via LiveChat. Here the conversation is more like a real face-to-face conversation. It is much quicker and much more efficient.
For you as the owner of the website it is impossible to overlook an important email from one of your customers. If they have a question, the chat window opens up and you can answer them directly.

Customers like to have a choice

When it comes to communication, customers like to have a choice of the channel they use to contact you. That’s why LiveChat should not be seen as a stand–alone option but rather as part of an overall multi-channel customer service strategy.
Many people don’t like to solve problems on the phone. They feel exposed, because they need to provide answers immediately. Sometimes, when they need to ask something, it’s better for them to do it behind the curtain of their own monitor. They are happy seeing that live chat is an option and they are willing to come back in the future.

Regular customers like to be recognized

When a customer visits your website on a regular basis, it is good to know something about them. It makes them feel special and recognized. By integrating LiveChat with a CRM system, for example Salesforce, you have all the info about your visitors in one place. It means they don’t have to introduce themselves or bring up the issue he had in the past. You call them by name and you can even ask if they are happy with their purchased products or service.

Satisfaction guaranteed

Research shows that 91% of customers who’ve used chat are satisfied with its ability to aid in their online product-buying decisions, resolve customer service issues and answer product questions in a timely manner.
Customers want help, but they don’t want to make any effort to call and talk to people. Calling, waiting on hold, navigating phone trees – all of that potentially causes customer frustrations.

Knowing that LiveChat is an option they can use whenever they want to get an instant response, makes them feel calm. And whenever they chat and get a quick response, you help them save time and money, so they are happy and satisfied with your service.

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