Slow-loading websites belong in the past: The new 1&1 Smart Hosting

Cube 1&1 Smart Hosting

Today’s browsing behavior is driven by very short attention spans. Successful online businesses need websites which allow customers and visitors to quickly find the content they are looking for. Ignoring this requirement causes a high bounce rate on your website and, when managing an e-shop, this translates to the loss of precious purchasing power. To address this, 1&1 now features a new hybrid technology, called 1&1 Smart Hosting, that loads websites faster than ever before.

So how does this work? Simply put, server and web space are directly linked locally. 1&1 has also re-worked the hardware, doubling the performance of web space and resulting in a faster readout of data, while also enabling significantly shorter access time.

Smart SSD database memory, a more powerful CPU and a larger memory space are key components of 1&1 Smart Hosting’s functionality. This offers a higher PHP memory limit (which limits the maximum memory for all kinds of scripts) of 512 MB.

The true potential of this is apparent particularly during the upload of large photos from smartphones or while using extensive plugins.

Smart Hosting powered by 1&1 not only increases the delivery speed and performance of your web projects, it also boosts your online visibility as Google prioritizes the ranking of fast-loading websites.

For additional information be sure to check out 1&1’s webhosting offerings.


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