Smoother access to the cloud: 1&1’s Software Development Kits


Developers are now able to program simpler and faster on the 1&1 Cloud Server infrastructure. 1&1 provides users with several Software Development Kits (SDK) which can be used via the Application Programming Interface (API) of the 1&1 Cloud Server.

SDKs are available in different programming languages, enabling users to connect with the API in the language of their choice: Java, Ruby, Go, PHP, DotNet or Python. The available SDKs can be found in the 1&1 Repository at GitHub. GitHub is an online collaboration platform where the developer-community is able to share its insights on open source projects and is given the opportunity to further develop existing projects.

Listed below are the links for the SDKs available at the 1&1 Repository:

Moreover, 1&1 offers customers the Docker Machine Driver, a plugin for Docker Machine which allows automatic provisioning of Docker hosts on 1&1 Cloud Servers. Docker draws from the enormous potential of container technology. Here, the infrastructure is segmented into single containers functioning independently from each other while sharing the same system software. As a result of choosing container architecture, administrators can benefit from a much more powerful and flexible IT infrastructure making updates and maintenance processes significantly easier.


Visit the 1&1 Cloud Server product page and API documentation for more information on this topic.


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