Apps as required with the 1&1 Cloud App Center: content management systems

The 1&1 Cloud App Center allows 1&1 Cloud Server customers to create their own development environment with a huge amount of useful and creative apps. The whole app center only contains open source solutions, allowing customers free access to the solution’s source code and the ability to program it on their own.

If you want to design a website or any other web project that is appealing for visitors, it is important to provide a variety of content such as pictures, text or video. A good mix of these types of content will make your project or homepage worth the visit.

Here is where content management systems take action and help customers organize and adjust their content. The most well-known content management systems are definitely WordPress, Joomla! and Typo3, but there are a host of other options available:


Neos is the perfect CMS for small- to medium-sized businesses. The easy-to-use user interface makes it possible to fully concentrate on creating high quality content. Every content change takes place directly on the website – no backend detour needed. Neos contains a range of useful features which are easily expandable making this CMS tailor-made for the daily editor.


Like Joomla! or WordPress, Drupal has a big global community whose members are in constant exchange in order to push Drupal’s optimization and development. Drupal’s core component is expandable through added modules, opening the doors for a huge amount of possible applications like basic website options as well as complex graphical interfaces and even multiple expandable programming interfaces. In addition, Drupal’s ability to create individual admins makes working on content in a team easy and efficient.


Today, brands must be able to reach customers through a variety of ways to leave a good impression. Originally developed for marketers, Pimcore allows content for the web, mobile devices, social networks, newsletter and print to be managed in one centralized location. However, its greatest feature is the option for users to communicate across various platforms and languages, creating a large advantage for customer experience management (CEM). In addition, visual content can be edited with the integrated Web 2.0 image editor. The well-structured backend makes it possible to implement administrative and maintenance tasks quickly and easily.

The system’s profiles make clear that every CMS has a unique character with its special features and designs. Test out multiple solutions in order to find the one system that fits your personal standards and expectations.

For a large selection of CMS apps and more, visit the 1&1 Cloud App Center.

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