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1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting

Several years ago, on my first trip to America, I was at Subway and was overwhelmed by all the questions I had to answer just to order a sandwich. Every possible combination of different types of bread, cheese, meat, vegetables and dressing were available – whatever I wanted! Similarly, when choosing a car nowadays, buyers are confronted with a myriad of configuration options so that today there are probably few cars that are completely identical. Indeed, much has changed since Henry Ford’s famous saying that customers could have the Model T in any color, as long as it’s black.

In the otherwise so agile web hosting world, this trend towards individualized configurations is hardly to be found. Instead, it appears that most providers of shared hosting services have concentrated on minimizing their costs to pass on low prices to customers. However, the disadvantage of this narrow focus on pricing means that customers can get nearly the same configuration from anywhere with only marginal differences from one provider to the next.
Although these one-size-fits-all configurations are sufficient for many customers, professional users often suffer from the dilemma of either having to accept a standard solution or painstakingly putting together their own software stack and all the time and effort it involves. That also includes assembling the individual components of operating system updates, security fixes, patches and more, none of which belong to the core business of an advertising agency or web designer. Therefore, easily using say Apache and MariaDB for one project and then switching to Nginx and MySQL for the next, is not possible for practical purposes. Despite the fast-paced development and innovation in the cloud market, there has been comparatively little progress in the web hosting market beyond flexible infrastructure.
There are a number of key factors to consider for both individual web developers and professional web hosting:

  1. Which data center (and country for that matter) should it be hosted in? Server location can affect loading times and nobody enjoys waiting for a site to load! For online shops, longer loading times can lead to lost sales and hurt business.
  2. Which server, database or scripting language should you choose? For example, some applications require Nginx instead of the standard Apache while others require MariaDB instead of MySQL.
  3. How easily can you adjust storage, RAM and vCores as required to always ensure the best performance while at the same time not paying a fortune? The answer is paying only for what you use, when you use it and the ability to scale resources up or down as needed.
  4. Which database and scripting languages are supported? Not all applications are compatible with the latest version of PHP for example.

Innovative container technology from Docker or Rocket now gives the customer greater flexibility and more customization options without the associated high administration costs. With the introduction of the new and innovative 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting package, 1&1 is the first leading webhost worldwide to incorporate this technology.
With 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting, we have combined the benefits of the 1&1 Cloud Servers with years of experience in the web hosting industry. The technical concept; based on container technology from Docker, in combination with OpenShift and Kubernetes; was presented in detail at Seattle’s DockerCon exhibition held in June earlier this year.
As either a professional or ambitious private user, the decision on what the ideal stack is for your web project is entirely up to you. However the 1&1 experts will take over stack management, ensuring that all the possible configurations are 100% compatible. We’ll make sure that the latest security updates are always installed, allowing you to fully concentrate on developing your app or designing your websites.
Wish you had more configuration options? I look forward to your feedback.


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