Benchmarks – what lies behind this term?

In the last few months we’ve written about the awards 1&1 has received—most notably our flagship product, the 1&1 Cloud Server. So what’s the story behind our most important and frequently mentioned benchmarks?

The term “benchmark” designates a comparison of different processes, values, performances or branches. Their application field is varied. For a company like 1&1, performance and branch benchmarks are most important aspects for success. Usually this is analyzed by independent companies or research institutes, which then determine certain product groups or branches and compare important solutions or companies. This is intended to advise customers when it comes to choosing and introducing an IT solution. Well-known benchmark providers include Experton (which recently awarded 1&1 Cloud Server a “Rising Star”), Ascamso, CloudSpectator, Gartner, and IDC.

Performance benchmark – comparing the best products

In order to identify which products rank highest, value or performance benchmarks are used to compare different products. Absolute performance is often considered in relation to price to give customers an overview of relevant solutions. Therefore, benchmark providers define a certain product group, identify the relevant solutions and rate them with a proprietary testing system.

The analysts at Ascamso, who recently awarded the 1&1 Cloud Server’s price-service-ratio, developed a benchmark monitoring system, which is able to perform benchmarks with just one percent of the computing power. The “ASCAMSO satellites” don´t just collect typical monitoring information, they also enable the performance of a specially-developed test that determines the system’s actual capacity. The results are then compared in order to rank the different solutions.

Benchmarks for a industry overview

To advise their customers regarding special solutions, analysis companies like Experton work out benchmarks, giving an overview of different market segment providers and ranking them according to market relevance. In the current “Cloud Vendor Benchmark”, Experton examined the German cloud market in different segments, including a variety of providers and solutions. Initial research took place by talking to providers, providing questionnaires and then ranking the results with a comprehensive list of criteria classified within four quadrants that reflected the market relevance of the business. Relevant success criteria are shown in the report and as a result, customers get an insight into the solutions that best fit their needs and applications.



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