More power for our virtual server: the new 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud

1&1 has a new offering for customers looking for a simple server solution at an attractive price: our Virtual Private Server (VPS). The powerful, easy-to-use infrastructure is ideal to run small and middle-sized web projects. Customers have root access to their data, making the platform the ideal solution for secure projects—users decide what to run on the server and who is granted access to it. Now, the popular VPS gets a power boost with a significantly optimized infrastructure.

Private users, freelancers, agencies, developers and root-server-users are looking for a server solution offering a wide set of features, a fair pricing model and a simple interface. The new 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud meets these requirements, better integrating the solution into our customers’ digital routines. We can now support their projects with better performance and more flexibility by leveraging the cloud platform of the 1&1 Cloud Server and using cutting-edge technology. We offer:

  • VMware for a full and professional virtualization
  • Dedicated resources, which – in combination with a full virtualization – prevent “noisy neighbor” effects
  • Modern Intel Xeon processors for high performance
  • SSD SAN-Storage providing the system with a much stronger protection against downtime than other technologies. The 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud is available in instances S (1 vCPU, 512 MB RAM, 30 GB SSD-Storage) to XXL (4 vCPU, 8 GB RAM, 160 GB SSD-Storage)
  • cPanel and Plesk as administration platform in instances M to XXL
  • No product limitations regarding a maximum amount of files or simultaneously running processes in contrast to the virtual server offerings of other providers

Further advantages of the 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud:

  • Data center of choice
    Customers can choose the location of their virtual machine’s (VM) data center. 1&1 Data Centers are certified according to international standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013
  • Processing of data according to US data protection regulations
    Customer data is processed in accordance to US data protection law, in line with US data protection regulations. This doesn’t change when customers choose to store and process their data in Europe
  • Easy and intuitive handling
    The 1&1 Cloud Server’s ease-of-use has been transferred to the 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud by running its administration via the well-structured Cloud Panel
  • Individual configuration of the firewall
    To protect their infrastructure, customers can define individual firewall rules to grant dedicated access to their server


Visit our website to learn more about the Virtual Server Cloud.



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