Being online with .online: Facts and figures about the domain

It’s no wonder that .online is the most popular new top-level domain at 1&1 – how could an online presence be shown better than with an .online-TLD? The following facts and figures about .online show what this international and easy-to-remember top-level domain is made of.

The new domain ending .online holds the record for the most registered domains in one day. Within the first 24 hours, 38,000 .online domains were booked worldwide. Since the public start of .online a little over twelve months ago, a total of 390,000 domains have been registered – making .online number eight of the ten largest new top-level domains (nTLDs) worldwide. Since its introduction it has also constantly been among the top five of the world’s fastest growing new domain endings.

In Europe, .online is the most well-known new domain ending. Globally, it is the third most known nTLDs and also the third most visited when it comes to websites with nTLDs.

Want to learn more about .online? For the nTLD’s first anniversary, the .online Registry Radix has put together colorful infographics with a variety of interesting facts about .online – view it here.

Want to have an .online domain as well? Register it here.


Infographics: Radix

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