1&1 Cloud Server – always keeping costs in sight

Recently, Experton’s analysts awarded our 1&1 Cloud Server the Rising Star for the “IaaS – Public Cloud (Self Service)” sector in their current edition of the “Cloud Vendor Benchmark.” This award indicates that our solutions are on their way to becoming one of the benchmark’s leading products, also known as the “Leader Quadrant.”

According to Experton, one of 1&1 Cloud Server’s biggest benefits is its flexible paying system. The analyst firm states that “the 1&1 server platform features and offers flexible and extensive payment or billing terms (per months or minutes, with an individual amount of CPU and flexible RAM storage and SSD hard disk space, etc.).”

Pay-per-Use: no unnecessary or hidden costs

A lot of small and medium business owners don’t have a huge amount of financial resources, and because of that they prefer a payment system that allows them to continuously keep their costs in sight to avoid end of the month surprises. It’s also important to pay only for actual resources used to reduce costs in less project-intensive months. This flexibility was an important aspect for 1&1 while developing the 1&1 Cloud Server. In the Cloud Panel, customers can keep track of uptime in terms of used servers, shared storage, load balancers, images and public IP addresses. In the monthly cost listing, billing is up to the minute or monthly, depending on the booked rate. With this arrangement, costs can be easily tracked and assigned to individual projects so customers can keep full control over their projects.

Not only is dynamic cost planning possible, but the flexible contract period gives customers complete freedom and transparency regarding their resources and spending. They have the possibility to book additional services which can be cancelled easily if needed. And without a minimum contract term, customers can cancel their contract at any time.

Foreseeing the financial future: the interactive invoice

The 1&1 Cloud Server enables customers to take a look at their invoices and keep track of their current and past cost developments. In each statement, a detailed analysis shows used resources and billed costs per minute in a visual format, helping users understand their bill at a glance.

If you want to know more about the 1&1 Cloud Server’s cost control, visit our help page.
Here you will find additional information about the 1&1 Cloud Server itself.

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