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The control panel of cloud servers or cloud panel is the intermediary interface between clients and the cloud servers where their projects are hosted. It enables users to control and manage all the IT resources needed in a technology project in order to guarantee the best service level to users.

The 1&1 Cloud Panel is organized in five main sections (Infrastructure, Network, Security, Management and Costs), which include the different sections to make configuration and resource administration as simple as possible. We just select the section we want to interact with on the main menu on the left of the screen and a range of different options will be displayed automatically: servers, images, shared storage, etc. As we select them, customer-specific configuration options will appear in the main area of the screen.

Cloud panelThis dashboard combines all the technical functionalities a technological project requires with maximum simplicity. Clients find something as easy to use as a shared hosting control panel but that also enables them to manage various network and storage resources, as well as server templates, monitoring, etc.

For example, in order to register a server in just a few seconds simply go to Infrastructure>Servers, click on Create and select the resources (CPU, RAM, SSD) and the operating system or applications installed. We can also access the most used standard configurations quickly, which we can then adjust to meet our needs (as seen on the picture above).

The objective of this panel is straightforward: to facilitate the day-to-day work of systems administrators and developers when deploying IT services.  For this reason, no addition training is required. Any professional IT user can manage all the resources without difficulty. They just need to select the resources they want and interact with them.

Nonetheless, if an administrator does encounter a difficulty, 1&1’s help desk and customer support is there to help.

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