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As you are no doubt aware, 1&1 has been active in the hosting market for over 25 years, with innovation at the forefront of our priorities. One of the questions I’m often asked by industry outsiders is how to be innovative within the hosting market. Outsiders usually believe that everything needed is already available and that as performance and speed levels are already very high, there’s nothing left to optimize.

However, when I ask where they book their plane tickets, most people say “on the Internet of course.” I always follow up by asking what makes them angry during the process and normally receive answers like “finding out I didn’t book the cheapest flight,” or that it takes too long to compare all the offers. This proves that achieving higher speeds and performance on websites is indeed important. It’s now common if not standard for people to use apps that monitor airfares and notify users of changes. The requirements are obvious: Larger amounts of data must be exchanged and more computing capacity is necessary to quickly display the data. Yet, the most important aspect is of course keeping it simple.

Having the right amount of power and performance when you need it, the flexibility to scale resources up or down as needs change, and paying only for what you actually use are all benefits of a professional cloud platform. Perhaps you don’t expect your own requirements or website visitors to change significantly. Whether or not that remains the case, with a cloud based solution you’ll always have the ability to easily adjust your performance and resources if things change, or even have it happen automatically with an API.

At 1&1, we’ve been working on cloud transformation for quite some time. Until recently there were still many applications that practically required having a dedicated server to run. However, these resources – though reserved for only your use – often have limited flexibility and efficiency. Studies have found that an overwhelming number of dedicated servers are underutilized. That means many consumers are paying for features they don’t use, hurting not only your wallet, but also the environment via wasted energy.

Since its introduction in 2015, our 1&1 Cloud Server has been the perfect alternative to a dedicated server. Customers have root access to dedicated resources and a number of enterprise features such as load balancing, external firewalls and VPN – all with on-demand scalability. Since the end of July, we’ve also been offering a managed version of our Cloud Server, for customers who would prefer to concentrate on their business and forego server administration. With Managed Cloud Hosting, the experts at 1&1 take over stack and operating system administration for you.

As of this July, our classic entry level servers and the earlier Virtual Private Server (VPS) have both been moved to the cloud with the introduction of our Virtual Server Cloud. All products in the 1&1 Cloud portfolio have the same advantages in terms of performance, scalability and price/performance ratio. In addition, resources are always dedicated, never shared. You’re also in charge of where your data is stored (i.e. data center location). The technical infrastructure is based entirely on 100% Intel Xeon E5 processors and 100% SSD data storage on fail-safe all-flash arrays.

We like to test ourselves to see whether we’re doing the best for our customers. That’s why we are particularly proud of the recognition that our cloud solutions have already received:

We view these awards as further motivation to continue improving our products and services. Do you use our cloud solutions? Help us keep up the good work with your feedback.


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