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With the progress of digitization, a multitude of channels have been established that allow you as an entrepreneur/owner of an enterprise to keep in touch with existing and potential customers. Whether you use social networks, email, phone or online support, self-service portals, live chats or apps on smartphones – you should harness all channels as they are valuable customer touch points. Planning and nurturing this complex network of relationships with the customer is the Customer Relationship Management’s (CRM) job.

All mentioned channels provide your business with important data about customers. If analyzed expediently, this information can be the base to gain business-critical insights. CRM has a great influence on your business’s success as it can help to increase revenue, customer loyalty and reduce cost. Since CRM is an essential component of a company’s ecosystem, we provide our customers with open source solutions using the 1&1 App Center, which are suitable for many CRM use-cases. Below are a few recommended apps to help support you in fostering your customer relationships.


SugarCRM is one of the most popular CRM applications and can be easily adapted to changing requirements and needs, including enterprises of different sizes. The app has been developed for sales automation, marketing campaigns, customer support, project management and features a calendar. SugarCRM helps manage sales opportunities and contacts, as well as generate forecasts, offers and orders. Moreover, you can set up dashboards, plugins for Microsoft Office and mobile applications and can be easily integrated into other software.


Developed for small and medium-sized enterprises, the web-based ERPNext supports users in administrative tasks such as accounting, stocks, sales, procurement, projects, customer service and website management. The easy-to-use interface can be run via desktop and mobile devices, with quick access to the solution’s functions. These include modules for customer care, HR, sales, inventory control, procurement and stock management. ERPNext features more than 30 languages. Additionally, the app provides you with an integrated exchange tool, user management, comment tool and email integration which can be used for internal communication throughout the whole company.


SuiteCRM is well suited for the administration of customers, contact data and leads with the ability to track email communication and identify next transactions. With full control over your orders, SuiteCRM helps you send professional orders, automate business processes and generate data-driven reports. The app helps to better react to customers, understand their needs and consider them in your actions. In short, communicating with your customer becomes much more efficient with SuiteCRM. There are many extensions and integrations available to further adjust the application to your requirements, such as Sage, MailChimp or Joomla!.

Apart from the CRM apps above, you can find many other solutions in the 1&1 Cloud App Center to help support you in nurturing customer relationships. If you would like to learn more about customer relationship management, check out the 1&1 Digital Guide.


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