No time to create your own website? The 1&1 web designers will take on the job!

With a simple website creation tool, you can operate an individual business homepage without any prior programming knowledge. But between accounting, customer support and planning advertising material, you probably don’t have time to deal with color concepts and the structural layout of your own website. By utilizing the 1&1 Design Service, you can leave the initial creation of your business website in the hands of experienced 1&1 experts, so you can concentrate on running your business. We’ll show you how a homepage is created step-by-step by a 1&1 expert.

With the 1&1 MyWebsite design service, you’re directly connected with a 1&1 web designer via telephone who will help determine the design concept of your website. The designer will work with you to translate your ideas and you’ll be able to follow the development process and give feedback immediately.

How 1&1 experts create a website

After your initial phone consultation, both you and the 1&1 expert will have access to an online platform. You’ll be given a unique login code, and the 1&1 web designer will be able to use the online interface to visualize different design aspects such as colors or fonts. To help determine your specific concept, the expert will show you examples of possible website styles in contrasting pairs: classic or modern, plain or playful, colorful or muted. The resulting keywords will be depicted and prioritized in a tag cloud. The font and text size will then be set and an individual color scheme will be selected. Finally, you’ll be able to choose a design that matches your preferences out of four prototype designs.

Before the 1&1 expert actually starts designing your homepage, they’ll create an initial layout concept based on your preferences. This serves as a basis for the final website design and ensures that your ideas are implemented correctly. As soon as the website preview meets your expectations, you will be able to confirm the design with a corresponding button on the website.

Finally, the designer will create your website based on your concept, and once the result matches your ideas, the page will be handed over to you. From there, you’ll be able to manage the website by yourself and add news and updates on your own. If preferred, you can have your website maintained by the 1&1 Maintenance Service, which takes care of updates such as the integration of new text or pictures.

The 1&1 MyWebsite design service is available for $499 dollars and includes search engine-optimization and up to five subpages. More information about this package can be found here:

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