How do I find a design that suits my company?

You’ve probably heard the saying that you only get one chance to make a first impression. Many scientific studies have shown that first impressions are often the strongest. That’s why it is especially critical for your website to leave a great one. For many visitors, it will be the first experience they have with the company. A successful web presence increases the chance that potential customers spend more time on your site and decide to do business with your company. In order to make a positive first impression, it is important to pick a design that fits both your company and services/products. Requirements, of course, will vary depending on the industry. Next, I’ll show you three typical areas of business and which factors are important to keep in mind when choosing your design.

Professional Services:

Whether financial controlling, business or tax consulting, the fact is that for all forms of consulting services, making a professional and reputable first impression is of the utmost importance. It is therefore best to go for a more conservative design with simple colors and straightforward site structure. Colors such as blue for example, are soothing and create trust. Gray, on the other hand, is clear and conveys a high level of competence. Likewise, you should choose a font like “Times New Roman” or “Garamond” which improves readability in longer texts and looks more professional.

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Skilled Crafts & Trades:

With tradework it is best to impress potential customers with powerful and compelling images. Choose a template with a large header area and add plenty of image elements to your site. Nothing will better or more effectively prove your capability than examples of real, finished projects. For example, a cabinet maker or woodworker should present photos of completed pieces of furniture. This already gives visitors a solid idea of your skills and services before even reading a word.

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Colorful designs are best suited for those in the wellness industry or similar areas. Massage therapists or beauty salons should be sure to use warm and friendly colors for their site. Yellow, for example, stands for liveliness, happiness and optimism. Green, on the other hand is the color of hope and also signalizes youth and freshness. The right choice of color helps communicate the idea of relaxation and recovery which will be waiting for them.

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I hope that these tips have helped to provide inspiration for your own website. If your industry isn’t one of the three examples here, don’t worry! There are thousands of suitable design templates included in 1&1 MyWebsite. More information can be found here:

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