New Features Available: 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting

Since its introduction in July 2016, web agencies and developers have benefitted from 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting. Our award-winning 1&1 cloud server infrastructure is an easy-to-use, even more flexible cloud solution that does not require any administrative effort. 1&1 relies on Docker container technology, which gives customers the option to freely configure the software component, resulting in a customized server stack.

1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting now comes with two new features that simplify the day-to-day business of agencies and developers.


Thanks to the new Multisite feature, agencies now have the ability to set up multiple projects on a single server. Up to now, only one project could be implemented per server. The exact number depends on CPU, RAM and SSD memory of the respective server. In the smallest configuration (1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting S), up to four projects are possible. An overview of the number of projects in the various Managed Cloud Hosting packages can be found on our website at

This feature is designed, for example, to separate servers for individual customers to simplify billing. Agencies can also set up a companies’ database and website on the same server – so that a customer has their very own resources. The agency can then use a separate platform for the next customer website and various applications. Customers can benefit from their own infrastructure and have the assurance that all costs incurred on a server are truly theirs.

Automatic resource allocation

In a simple multi-project hosting package, server resources are shared equally amongst projects. If an agency hosts three websites on a server, each of these sites uses 1/3 of the resources. With the new feature, resources on the server are automatically distributed to individual projects. The percentage allocation of vCore, RAM and SSD memory depends on individual project requirements. If a website has a high traffic, the feature allocates a larger portion of the resources to a page that is less busy. Agencies benefit from this feature since they don’t have to monitor servers constantly in order to scale-up resources if necessary. Thanks to this feature, projects are more stable as there is no lack of performance due to the missing resource availability.

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