The Cloud Isn’t Just About Cost Savings

Cloud computing is very attractive. If a salesperson arrives at an office and offers savings of 20 or 30 percent, customers are more likely to purchase a product or solution. This has been a main attraction of the cloud, and undoubtedly its main sales pitch. However, the cloud delivers many other opportunities.

The first consideration is that a company must be able to dedicate itself to its core business: generating revenue. Companies can begin by implementing a cloud service to see how they can improve efficiency and productivity thanks to this new model and the use of associated technologies. As a business uploads additional solutions to the cloud and experiments more, they can quickly realize how cloud computing can revolutionize the management of essential IT resources used in daily operations.

Although cloud-based services and solutions have been used for years, it now makes more sense than ever to use them. Thanks to cloud-based solutions, all employees have access to their company’s data from their smartphones and can respond effectively. For example, employees can access KPIs or collaborate with providers even if they are picking up their child from school, as they have immediate access to the company’s CRM.

The main asset of the cloud is that it enables businesses to consume technology as a service; access is available on-demand and regulated under best practices. All of this is possible without having to make an initial cost that may be difficult to offset or enter into long-term contractual relations. Another major advantage is that technical departments can manage things easier by delegating critical aspects to the service provider. This ease of management applies to both cloud servers that facilitate storage for a company and the implementation of a business application in a cloud environment. All of this translates into faster production times in technical departments, as they can concentrate on critical aspects to boost business effectively.

There are many advantages that stem from cloud technology, ranging from increased productivity to energy efficiency (such as hardware equipment consumption drops) and more. Because of the flexibility and efficiency of this new model, you only pay for what you need and when you need it.

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