Recommended Apps in the 1&1 Cloud App Center: E-Mail

New apps from our partnership with Bitnami make it possible to extend and improve your cloud project with a ton of useful features. In the 1&1 Cloud App Center, you can find many apps for every situation, from CMS to media sharing. In this installment, we highlight three different mail apps, to help you communicate and link with other people.

Horde Groupware Webmail

Horde Groupware Webmail  is an improvement for every company. Not only does it send, receive and organize mails, but it also helps you manage and share appointments, tasks, notes and contacts. In addition, the communication suite is autonomous and can be duplicated on different servers.


Mautic, the open source-based marketing automation software, gives you the opportunity to easily generate leads or organize e-mail marketing. Mautic supports testing landing pages with alternative layouts and functionality. Furthermore, the app offers an extended integration function with REST API and Webhooks, allowing you to embed even more applications.


Roundcube is a browser-based webmail service. The IMAP client supports different languages and helps you create and manage mail through folder management, search function and automatic spell check. Roundcube is also able to create mail in rich text and HTML.

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