1&1 Awards Participants in the Fourth Annual YHack

This past weekend, 1,500 hackers from across the world attended YHack, an international hackathon hosted by Yale University. From 9pm on Friday to 9am on Sunday, groups of participants hacked potentially award-winning projects, including one based on the 1&1 Cloud Server API. According to YHack director Christopher Wan, 30 percent of this year’s participants were first-time hackers.

Following the event, Javier Arnáez de Pedro, 1&1’s Product Owner of Cloud and Server, held a talk about the 1&1 Cloud Server and the tools a customer can use to manage it.

“In general, most participants didn’t have any prior Cloud knowledge, but people were interested and asked us about the Cloud server and were surprised by its features,” said Arnáez. “One participant told me that the Load Balancing was like magic. Originally, he didn’t know how it worked, but after using one for his project he found that the auto scaling was quite simple.”

Participants were also impressed by the speed and performance of the 1&1 Cloud Server.

“Another participant was trying to render an image in a small server and it didn’t work. After resizing it to 4vCore and 16 GB RAM, the work took less than 10 seconds.”

Overall, Arnáez described the event as a great learning experience, and hoped that the participants found the product easy to use and innovate with. For Adeniji Ogunlana, Jin Jin Zhao, Prateek Swain and Charles Lu in particular, their project was exceptionally impressive to the 1&1 judges. After hacking for 36 hours, each team member was awarded a Samsung Galaxy S7 or Samsung Tablet for developing ChatterWorks, an automated assistant that provides technical support to 1&1 Cloud Server users. A secondary prize was also awarded to Timothy Chen for his 1&1 Cloud Server FMI (Facebook Messenger Interface), which enables users to interact with 1&1’s Cloud Server.


For more details about the 1&1 Cloud Server click here.

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