Busting Cloud Security Myths

Before migrating to the cloud, potential users nearly always ask the same question: is it safe? It’s a common concern—in the past, e-commerce had to fight claims that entering credit card data wasn’t secure. Since then, the security of online shopping is questioned far less and has become much more trustworthy.

As for the cloud, this type of technology is much safer than a traditional, physical environment as hosts can implement a full range of measures to guarantee security in terms of data and availability.

1&1’s data centers also have various levels of redundancy, depending on the critical nature of elements such as connectivity, electrical supply, heating and cooling systems or biometric access. Naturally, these facilities provide 24/7 monitoring and technical support and apply hundreds of indicators to guarantee the service level. In case of a hardware failure, an automatic recovery feature supplements these resources to guarantee the availability of our cloud servers.

In the event of a hardware malfunction, a cloud platform has an advantage in that it doesn’t depend on a single server. Downtime is minimal since a server does not have to be restarted as data is regularly backed up. Client services are restored automatically in a few seconds, without the need for manual intervention by using automatic recovery.

Security by default

One of the main advantages enjoyed by 1&1 customers are the rigorous security measures included by default in their cloud servers. Moreover, the 1&1 Cloud Server includes additional network functionalities directly in the Cloud Panel. These functions reinforce service security with easy and centralized management, including the option to create personalized firewall policies and apply them directly and simply to one or more virtual machines.

Another benefit of cloud servers is the ability for clients to configure their own fully-automated backup policy quickly and easily. The difference between traditional systems and the cloud is clear: managing backup is cheaper and less complex.

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