Top Trends for Cloud Computing in 2017

A recent study by Forrester Research shows just how quickly businesses are adapting to cloud computing. As the study notes, one of the most exciting forces in tech in the last decade has been the dawn of cloud computing. But now, the technology has evolved from its disruptive beginnings to being an essential service for many enterprises.

“The cloud market will accelerate faster in 2017 as enterprises around the world look to cloud to power their core business systems in addition to their customer-facing applications,” says Forrester Research.

Below are a few of their top predictions paired with our insights for cloud computing in 2017.

Beyond pay-per-use, cloud will save buyers money in many ways.

The 1&1 Cloud Server enables customers to take a look at their invoices and keep track of their current and past cost developments. In each statement, a detailed analysis shows used resources and billed costs per minute in a visual format, helping users understand their bill at a glance. Learn more about how we keep costs in sight here.

Enterprises will shun large, complex, and costly private cloud software suites.

Another major advantage is that technical departments can manage things easier by delegating critical aspects to the service provider. This ease of management applies to both cloud servers that facilitate storage for a company and the implementation of a business application in a cloud environment. All of this translates into faster production times in technical departments, as they can concentrate on critical aspects to boost business effectively. Read more here.

SaaS will move away from one-size-fits-all to regional and industry solutions.

The main asset of the cloud is that it enables businesses to consume technology as a service; access is available on-demand and regulated under best practices. All of this is possible without having to make an initial cost that may be difficult to offset or enter into long-term contractual relations.

Head of Product Management Server Hans Nijholt explains why customized solutions provide greater flexibility:

“Although these one-size-fits-all configurations are sufficient for many customers, professional users often suffer from the dilemma of either having to accept a standard solution or painstakingly putting together their own software stack with all the time and effort it involves.”

Containers everywhere will shake up cloud platform and management strategies.

Container technologies are regarded as powerful tools to address the challenge of increasing IT infrastructures requirements. We spoke with Julian Hansert, co-founder of IT startup Loodse and host of the ContainerDays conference, which debuted this year in Hamburg.

“The demands customers have for company websites is always growing. To stay ahead of the competition…companies need an increasingly agile and flexible IT infrastructure. Traditional infrastructures are no longer sufficient under these conditions. Cloud-native-technologies enable users to transfer applications to the cloud and this is where containers come into play.”

Check out the full interview with Julian here.

Want to know more about adopting a cloud server for your company? Take a look at our flexible and versatile 1&1 Cloud Server including our suite of more than 100 Cloud Apps, and prep your business for success in 2017!

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