Hot resizing: full flexibility

One of the features customers usually require when hiring a cloud server is to adapt their computing capacity to their current needs, either RAM memory, storage or number of processors, which are decisive resources for any IT project.

Since no physical activity is needed in a cloud platform, users can adjust their server size without migrating or switching to another server. However to perform this change, servers usually need to be shut down first before their size can be changed. But with the 1&1 Cloud Server with hot-add-resizing, there is no need for shutting servers down before increasing their resources. This means no downtime when increasing IT resources, and no money lost or unhappy customers.

Previously, when a customer hired a dedicated service and needed to extend capacity the supplier had to perform physical interventions on the hardware. This meant switching off the equipment, carrying out the physical intervention and then restarting the machine, so the service was not available while the technician performed these tasks, or buying twice the equipment to maintain the service up and running if required. This is all in the past now thanks to the next generation of cloud servers which allow hot add reizing. The computing capacity of the 1&1 Cloud Server can be increased without it affecting the service level and without downtime.

Customers can perform this increase themselves through the Cloud Panel in just four clicks, as the cloud server is completely user-friendly. All users need to do in order to carry out this operation is access the panel, select the resources, move the corresponding slider and confirm the changes (see screenshot below). This action can also be done via API. Once the options have been selected, 1&1’s cloud platform delivers the resources the cloud server needs. All these operations can be performed in seconds.


As we said at the beginning, the main advantage is that it’s no longer necessary to restart the server. This is because there is not just one server but a high performance platform comprising different elements (computing nodes, storage facilities, connectivity, etc.) which act as an umbrella for IT resources available in cloud servers when they are needed.

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