Innovative Social Media Marketing: How to Use WhatsApp For Your Company

In order for your company to survive in the long term, you should address potential customers purposefully and stand out from the competition. That means not only relying on company profiles on Facebook and Twitter, but also taking more innovative steps in your marketing communication.  Have you ever thought about using WhatsApp as a communication channel? We’ll discuss the opportunities and risks.

Using WhatsApp as a marketing tool may sound unconventional at first, but it has become more and more common. For example, brands such as Clarks footwear and the BBC network have used the messaging app for online marketing purposes. WhatsApp has a lot of potential because of its high number of users: with over one billion users worldwide, it is the most used social network after Facebook.

In addition, WhatsApp opened up to the advertising market, having changed their general terms and conditions at the end of August. Since then, messages are allowed to contain commercial content.

There are many benefits of using WhatsApp for business, including having first-mover advantage, as competitors still rely on classic communication channels. We reveal how using WhatsApp messenger can help your company succeed.

WhatsApp Opportunities

WhatsApp is most useful for individually contacting a group that is accessible via mobile phone. The benefit here is not primarily about mass communication or awareness. Instead, WhatsApp allows for individual conversations (e.g. customer service or consultation) and for sending newsletters or push notifications. You can also send videos, pictures, text and links.

Broadcast lists are especially interesting when sending newsletters and push notifications via WhatsApp, as it allows you to prepare a large list of contacts and send a message all at once. Tools like Bulk WhatsApp Marketing are designed for commercial WhatsApp use and simplify complicated, manual tasks (such as preparing and managing broadcast lists).

Risks of Marketing via Messenger

WhatsApp is still primarily used for personal conversations: for most users, the idea of a company contacting them via WhatsApp is disconcerting. If you send too much or irrelevant content, you risk being blocked. Only send selected, short messages that offer real value for readers.

In addition, users must agree to be contacted via messenger; otherwise, legal consequences could follow. The best way to register your audience is by double-opt-in. By doing so, a customer enters his or her mobile number, saves the contact of the respective company and confirms the beginning of the conversation by sending a pre-defined message.

Even if commercial usage has not yet been established; opening WhatsApp to advertising has revealed the app’s potential for marketing purposes. Will you give the innovative marketing tool a chance?

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