Using pictures properly – how to make your website an eye catcher

Want to make a good impression to website visitors with creative and inspirational content? A picture is worth a thousand words, and in this case we show you how you can create meaningful images with self-made pictures or professional stock photos.

Stock versus self-made pictures

The decision is yours: do you set your creativity free and dare to take your own pictures? When offering your own products, like Sari Quast does from her furniture store www.weiß, it’s necessary to have original, high-quality photography. It’s important to have images that are clear and well illuminated, with vibrant colors and are taken from appealing angles. Professional photo equipment isn’t necessary to achieve this as today’s smartphones are also capable of taking great pictures. Take a look at this article to find out how.

Sari Quast’s images may have different styles, but there is always a common thread among them, which makes her website appear consistent and harmonious. The easiest way to achieve this is by using a consistent color palette. For Mrs. Quast, her images are light and bright and feature white and blue as dominant colors. Similar points of view and a consistent image composition also help pictures appear uniformly.

If you are not able to produce your own high-quality photos, don’t worry. Stock photos are a great option when it comes to upgrading your website and making a good impression. Stock pictures are taken professionally and supplied through providers such as iStock or Fotolia, which give you the option to purchase single images or sign up for a subscription. Stock pictures are a perfect solution if you don´t have high quality photos from your company readily available. Low quality photos, even if they are original, cast a poor light on you and your business and can shy visitors away from your site.

1&1 MyWebsite offers a picture database with over 20,000,000 images from a variety of industries. You can make selections according to your specific filters to find all the relevant photos, and choose images that represent your company at its best.

In addition to stock photography, throw in a few personal pictures of yourself, your team or your company building. This will give your website a personal touch and allow customers to relate to you and your business even better.

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