Do you know what your server is capable of? Part 1

Our server portfolio, specifically the cloud based solutions 1&1 Cloud Server, 1&1 Virtual Server Cloud and 1&1 Managed Cloud Hosting, have a lot of features. In order to use these features efficiently, it’s important to know how and where they can be used. In this blog series, we introduce you to some of the features you might need in your daily work with your 1&1 infrastructure – because your cloud server can do much more than you already know.

Load Balancer

The load balancer supports your server project by handling large amounts of traffic. Should many people want to access your project, the load balancer distributes access across several other servers. Doing so prevents your visitors from experiencing long loading times and your project won’t overload—or worse, break down. Take a look at the 1&1 Cloud Community for more information.


This feature allows you to adjust your server’s resources such as RAM, vCPU and SSD storage while it is running. The server doesn’t need to be restarted afterwards and isn’t absent for a while. You can find additional information on our YouTube channel in a video regarding this topic.

Shared Storage

With the Shared Storage feature, it is possible to use the same external hard disk space with several servers at the same time. This simplifies data exchange within the different servers. In the detailed view of your Shared Storage, you can assign different rights to particular servers. That way, you can define who has full, read-only or editing access to stored data. Available storage can also be increased or reduced throughout. Helpful instructions for Shared Storage are available in the 1&1 Cloud Community.

Free choice of data center

Do you want to host your server in a local data center or internationally? Your local data center is selected by default, but if you have a lot of international customers or even branch offices, you can set up and use an international data center in just one click. Data will be continued to be processed according to your home data protection guidelines and not in the country of your chosen data center.

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