Storage: What does the customer need nowadays?

The use of cloud technology is strongly connected to storing, processing and managing data. What do customers expect from storage solutions and what does this mean for cloud computing requirements?

In the age of digitalization, huge amounts of data are generated by businesses due to the large number of channels linked to the internet. It is important for them to have quick access to this data, both for further processing and protection from data loss. This is why they count on the agility, scalability and cost efficiency of the cloud, which on-site solutions cannot compete with.

Thus, there is a need for a hybrid solution which connects a company’s in-house infrastructure with cloud applications from an external provider. This way, businesses can use more powerful resources for their web projects and at the same time have access to their data, whenever and wherever they need to.

But why does data storage only play a small part in efficient data management? Peter Wuest, Senior Director New Platforms & Solutions EMEA NetApp, explained it to us at the Cloud Expo Europe in Frankfurt. Watch the video below for the full interview (just click the image):

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