Test winner again! The 1&1 Cloud Server ranks first in the 2017 Cloud Spectator Benchmark Survey

Once again, the American analyst institution Cloud Spectator compared the biggest and most important cloud service providers in North America. In their “Top 10 Cloud IaaS Providers Benchmark 2017,” the company analyzed the price/performance ratio of the providers’ solutions and determined for the second time in a row that 1&1 is an outstanding winner in this region.

Participants of the comparison included well-known providers such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, as well as boutique and independent providers whose virtual machines (VM) where put to the test.

Companies considered for the Cloud Spectator survey met the following criteria:

  • The companies must have at least one data center within North America – regardless of their headquarter’s location
  • Customers must be able to order the company’s cloud service online on their own
  • Self-service: Customers must be able to administrate and manage their cloud service on their own via a portal
  • Services must be billed hourly or less
  • Systems must have persistent block storage

The testing procedure

Cloud Spectator tested four different sizes of each cloud provider (from 2 vCPU, 4 GB RAM, 100 GB Disk up to 16 vCPU, 32 GB RAM, 500 GB). For each server, three VMs were used and continuously pinged over a period of 24 hours in order to generate valid results. This happened without the knowledge of the providers, so that a possible influence of the VMs in favor of the performance could be prevented.

Provider scores were calculated based on individual results including entry-level price of the VMs. 1&1 reached a CloudSpecs Score of 100, thereby achieving the best result in the survey. According to Cloud Spectator, the 1&1 offering had the strongest VM performance and the best price.

Despite the low customer cost, 1&1 is able to achieve such great results by using only premium hardware for their virtual machines. For example, Intel Xeon processors, virtualization software from VMware or SSD storage from NetApp SolidFire are part of the basic setup of every VM, and allow every 1&1 Cloud Server customer to get the most out of their project.

Download the detailed Cloud Spectator Report here:

Cloud Spectator US_Full report


About Cloud Spectator

Cloud Spectator leads the industry in performance and pricing analysis for the IaaS marketplace. Since 2011, Cloud Spectator has provided consulting and benchmarking services for enterprise clients, consultancies and providers. The data-driven approach standardizes and simplifies the IaaS market to inform and guide decision-makers in a complex industry.

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