New web hosting portfolio: how to adapt your web project’s performance

The internet is becoming infinitely more complex as more information, products and users are added. With the constant need to update product portfolios or react to increasing demand, the needs of online businesses are also becoming more sophisticated. 1&1 is responding to these business needs with tools for improved performance and flexibility as part of its Next Level Hosting, which will ultimately allow companies to react quickly to dynamic environments.

Superior performance, security and utility are the most important characteristics of the modern and flexible web hosting service we provide to our customers. At 1&1, we strive to empower our customers, which is why we developed flexible performance levels. This enables them to quickly react to a surge in customer or web traffic often experienced during seasonal events or sales promotions. With just a few clicks in the 1&1 Control Center, even complete beginners can find the performance levels easy to use. Starting today 1&1 offers three new packages:

  • Basic: 2.5 GB RAM, 512 MB Memory and 100 GB web space
  • Unlimited Plus: 6 GB RAM, 640 MB Memory and unlimited web space
  • Unlimited Pro: 9 GB RAM, 640 MB Memory and unlimited web space

Furthermore, the Unlimited Pro package comes with two additional premium features. This includes the 1&1 CDN with Railgun that can optimize the security and loading time of a website and 1&1 SiteLock Basic, which protects web projects from unauthorized access, malware and hackers.

As the biggest enhancement of the 1&1 web hosting portfolio in years, Next Level Hosting provides state-of-the-art technology such as the pioneering HTTP/2 protocol standard, PHP 7.0 and the latest PHP 7.1 release. Alongside SSL certificates, which are free for all 1&1 customers, 1&1 leverages these technologies to reduce loading times while making web projects more secure.

For further information about our new web hosting portfolio, be sure to visit our website.

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