Microsoft Office 365: A carefree package for the digital workplace

Many self-employed and small-sized business owners nowadays do their business correspondence remote and from different devices. Are you one of them? The 1&1 Microsoft Office 365 packages offer everything you need for a productive day: from Word, PowerPoint and Excel, to professional e-mail and domain, to Skype for Business and virus protection. By request, our experts can also help to set up your Office package and transfer existing data.

More time for your core business

With our new packages customers have access to all common Office applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. In addition, features such as e-mail and Skype for Business are possible. Depending on the plan chosen, applications are available as a web app or for download as software or as Office Mobile Apps for up to five devices each per user. This makes an efficient communication possible from the road, office, computer or smartphone. The more comprehensive Office 365 packages offer an additional terabyte in OneDrive for Business online storage. This allows all your employees to access and internally edit files in a central location.

You will no longer need to worry about updates yourself, because with the Office Suite included in Office 365, you are always working with the latest version. Those who chose OfficePremium Plus will additionally receive Norton Security Online Virus Protection. With Norton Security Online, up to five user devices are protected against a variety of online threats for the duration of their contract term.

We would like you to be able to work directly with your Office 365 package. For this reason, we offer a special service for the first time: if desired, our experts can do the initial set-up of your office solution, e-mail mailbox and/or domain for you and also transfer existing data.

Office 365 solutions at a glance

Office 365 is available at 1&1 in different packages at attractive starting rates:

OfficeBusiness: In addition to the web app, customers who choose this package receive a 50 GB mailbox and an e-mail address matching your domain. included is Skype for Business, one terabyte of online storage in OneDrive for Business and a free top-level domain for the first year, such as OfficeBusiness is available from $4.99 per license/month.

OfficePremium Plus: In addition to OfficeBusiness services, this plan contains the software installation of the Office applications including Outlook and the Office Mobile Apps for up to five devices each per user. On request, you will also receive Norton Security Online antivirus protection for the duration of the contract period. OfficePremium Plus is available from $9.99 per license/month.

OfficePremium: This plan is suitable for anyone who does not need an e-mail solution. It comes with all popular office applications as an online version, software installation or Office Mobile App. You also get one terabyte in OneDrive for Business online storage. This plan is available from $6.99 per license/month.

Further information on Office 365 at 1&1 can be found here, additional information on the 1&1 professional e-mail packages is available here.

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