Analytics 101: Turning Data into Insights

Whether you’re running a company website or a personal blog, it’s important to find out how the content you create is performing, and how you can improve upon it. Tools such as Google Analytics and 1&1 SiteAnalytics are easy to “set and forget,” and can be incredibly useful for turning large amounts of data into actionable insights.

1&1 SiteAnalytics is a great tool for novice users, as no additional installation is required to use the on-page solution. Small and medium-sized businesses can also rest assured that their data is secure, since all data is encrypted and doesn’t use cookies to store user data. In addition, 1&1 SiteAnalytics lets customers see all key performance statistics at a glance, including the number of visitors as well as their behaviors. From this, you can see which pages are most popular and how you can optimize your website accordingly. 1&1 SiteAnalytics is included with all 1&1 MyWebsite, shared hosting, and managed Hosting products. In addition, 1&1 SiteAnalytics is also available as a mobile-friendly app so that you can check stats on the go.

Here are a few key items to look out for when reviewing your dashboard:


A person who visits a website more than once within a specified period of time.


The session of activity that a user with a unique IP address and browser tuple spends on a website during a specified period of time. Sessions help determine how much traffic a site receives. Site admins can determine the length of an average user session, and if a visitor returns within that length of time, they are considered a returning visitor. If a visitor returns to the site after the allotted time period has expired, then it is counted as a separate user session.

Page impressions

The number of times a site has been viewed by a user, also referred to as hits.

Bounce rate

The measurement (in percentage) of how many visitors view only one page on your site before leaving. High bounce rates typically indicate that visitors don’t find your landing page relevant or useful enough to explore other areas of your website. It might also be an indicator that you are attracting the wrong kind of customers by keywords not matching your content or because the relevancy is not clear enough on first sight.

Landing page

The section of a website accessed after clicking a link from another web page, typically a website’s home page or a dedicated landing page for an online campaign.

Exit page

The last page accessed during a visit.

Direct traffic

The visitors who type the address directly in the browser, entering via a bookmark or similar.

Referring sites

Websites that link to your website.

With a basic understanding of how SiteAnalytics works, you can use your results to optimize your homepage accordingly. With this knowledge, you can rework and optimize the pages, structure and navigation of your homepage.

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