New apps for your online store: how to optimize your customer loyalty

Continuously promoting new items and generating new customer leads for your online shop is time-consuming and cost-intensive. Therefore, it’s recommended that online merchants build long-term relationships with shop visitors and customers. A profound analysis of your visitor and buyer structure, as well as targeted e-mail marketing can bring you a lot closer to this goal. Here are two apps from our 1&1 Online Store that can help.

E-mail marketing is one of the most important tools for online retailers. Through newsletters, you can reach customers quickly, effectively and personally. Therefore, be sure to keep in touch with regularly. This allows you to build trust and create a lasting relationship – if you follow some basic rules:

Automated e-mails for special occasions

Welcome mail, birthday wishes or season’s greetings – there are many occasions to make yourself relevant to customers. Combine mailings with vouchers or discount codes and show your customers that they matter to you. For customers who have not visited your website for a while, individual product recommendations or coupons can encourage them to return.

Newsletter2Go: Be relevant

Customers decide at first glance whether an e-mail in their mailbox is relevant to them, and only then will they open and read it. For this reason, formulate the subject in a way that the customers feel addressed personally. Also, be sure to meet the individual interests and needs of your recipients. You learn about these when you analyze the click or purchase behavior of your customers. Afterwards, you can tailor messages and recommendations to each customer. Important key figures such as the open and click-through rate are automatically measured by the tool at each shipment. This allows you to see at a glance how your newsletter attracts recipients and what you can do to optimize.

Here’s how it works: With the new e-mail marketing integration, you can directly connect your 1&1 Online Store with e-mail marketing software from Newsletter2Go. Your recipients will be synchronized and existing groups and settings will be automatically carried over. The software from Newsletter2Go is specially tailored to the needs of e-commerce merchants, so you can focus on creating high-quality newsletters and improving your customer loyalty.

Sales analytics: Keep track of and optimize your revenues

Already using tracking tools like Google Analytics or etracker? These offer exciting insights about the number of visitors, their whereabouts, or the time they have spent in your shop. However, questions such as “Which products are sold most frequently?” “How often are they ordered?” and “Who are your most loyal customers?” remain unanswered.

Dashboard widgets for your shop are available to help provide you with some of these statistics. In addition, you can also find the new free Sales Analytics app, which provides you with many other key sales figures for your shop.

Here’s how it works: After installing the app, follow the instructions to link you automatically link your online shop. Then, log into the app-related website where you’ll see all sales statistics. There, you’ll see a dashboard including a summary of sales, number of orders and best-selling products, and filter by date and period of time. The left menu provides further insights, for example: days with highest turnover, products purchased together, and number of new or returning customers.

Optimize your shop based on the results

Using sales data can help plan special campaigns based on weekdays with the highest sales rates. Try marking frequently sold products as bestsellers, or promoting cross-sales of products often purchased together. In addition, you can directly address your most loyal customers with custom newsletters and reward them with special discount codes.

Regardless of how large your online store is, it is important that you understand your customers and their behavior so that you can tailor the design of your online store as well as your email marketing.

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