Interact: Building Relationships with Online Customers

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Building relationships with customers and users has never been more important. In an era of automation, self-service, outsourced call centers and elaborate phone trees, more and more companies are abandoning traditional, human-centered interactions in favor of cheaper solutions. While this means you could be stuck talking to a robot for hours about your credit card, it also opens new ways to differentiate your business from the competition.

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The new Website Centre – the settings hub for 1&1 MyWebsite

From now on it is much easier and faster for customers to get the best out of their 1&1 MyWebsite. When logging in via their customer homepage, customers will now go directly to the new Website Centre. This is an overview page of the website with shortcuts to all of the settings.

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cPanel & WHM Now Available for 1&1 Cloud Server Customers


We are very pleased to offer cPanel as an additional option for the 1&1 Cloud Server. By integrating the U.S.’s most popular control panel tool, developers and small businesses have access to an even more powerful and easy-to-use 1&1 Cloud Server.

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Managed WordPress powered by 1&1: Create your own website fast and securely

1&1 WP Assistant

1&1 offers its customers an even simpler way to create and maintain a website with the WordPress platform. With this new offer, customers can concentrate on their web content instead of investing time and resources in updating WordPress. 1&1, as a reliable partner, takes care of all necessary updates and provides expert recommendations for plug-ins and themes. The 1&1 WP Assistant guides customers through the WordPress installation in just a few simple steps.

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Being Present: Simple tools for telling your story

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Your website is your window to the world. And if you’re running a business, you know how important it is to be present and available online. With 1&1 MyWebsite, creating professional company websites is easy, but now that your site is running, what are the best ways to tell your story? What can be done to satisfy existing clients and to attract new customer easily and effectively?

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Shippo simplifies shipping for 1&1 MyStore


Helping to streamline everyday tasks for website owners, 1&1 MyWebsite offers applications for almost every requirement. The latest addition to an already extensive selection is Shippo, a tool for owners of online shops. By automating the creation of shipping labels, the whole shipping process is streamlined for 1&1 MyStore users.

When starting an online business, the first sales and orders are particularly exciting. But the more successful a website gets, the more time is needed to manage the administrative burdens and other adhoc responsibilities. 1&1 offers quick and easy solutions, regardless of whether a business requires a professional website or online shop. With 1&1 MyWebsite Pro, a professional website comes with an integrated online shop as standard – MyStore. The intuitive features and applications included with 1&1 MyWebsite free up your time helping users to focus on core business tasks.

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New features in 1&1 ListLocal: How retailers, restaurateurs and Co. can be found better online

New features in 1&1 ListLocal

Internet users regularly seek the World Wide Web for local suppliers. These include retailers and specialist dealers, as well as restaurants, craftsmen, hairdressers and Co. In order to attract more and more new customers, vendors need to be found on the Internet. With the new features of 1&1 ListLocal this can be achieved even better now.

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Think Bigger, Think Globally – the New Top-Level Domain .GLOBAL is Available from 1&1


For those who identify themselves as being a global organization, and for those who aspire to grow into a global brand, there is a new top-level domain from 1&1 – .GLOBAL. The .GLOBAL domain allows you to make a definitive positioning statement for your website, by signaling your international business operations. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to communicate your international strategy and unify your entire domain portfolio under a global umbrella.

The Word “global” is understood in many languages, and makes a definitive positioning statement for your company. Thus, the .GLOBAL domain is the perfect choice for those who want to reach an international audience, and complement your existing global namespaces such as .COM or .NET.

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What You Need to Consider When Selecting Domain Names

Domain name

This article was provided by Verisign

Most savvy business owners understand the marketing value of owning multiple domain names for their business. But did you know that registering multiple domain names can actually help protect your brand, and ultimately your business?

Say, for instance, that you own a bakery called “Bob’s Cake Factory” in a popular shopping center. Business is going well until a new store opens up right next to yours called, “Bob’s Cakes.” It wouldn’t be an ideal situation for you, or any other business owner, right?

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Talk To Your Children About Staying Safe Online for Internet Safety Day

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This Sunday is National Internet Safety Day and it’s the perfect time to speak to the children in your life about their Internet and mobile phone activities. In order to keep children safe it is important to educate them about technology usage. Here are some general safety rules:

  • Keep social networking profiles private.
  • Remind your children that public chat rooms online aren’t safe due to the threat of predators.
  • Think twice before entering any personal information on registration pages.
  • Don’t give out personal information to anyone in chat rooms or through email.
  • Only send emails to people you know.
  • Have children use the Internet in places where their usage can be monitored, such as the kitchen.
  • Only share passwords with their parents.
  • Don’t post photos or videos without permission.
  • Use filtering or monitoring software if Internet usage cannot be observed.

Remember that the key to Internet safety is communication and education to avoid unsafe situations.

Photo Credit: ©1&1 Internet

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