Darnell Holloway

Darnell Holloway

Yelp, Director of Business Outreach

Darnell Holloway is Yelp's Director of Business Outreach. Since joining the Yelp team in 2009, he's educated tens of thousands of small business owners on best practices for navigating the world of online reviews. His team works with Yelp's Small Business Advisory Council, and delivers constructive feedback from the business community to key decision makers within Yelp. He also hosts a series of bi-monthly webinars about Yelp's free online tools, and regularly produces informative content for Yelp's "Blog for Business Owners." Darnell is a California native, and UC Davis alumnus.

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Is It A Good Idea To Respond To Online Reviews?

Yelp Revies - Hear, See, Hear

Everyone wants to do what’s best for their business’ reputation, but tons of people are making a big mistake that has an easy fix. One of the first questions business owners ask me is whether they should be responding to their Yelp reviews. It’s common to find people who watch their reviews like a stock ticker but never respond, or firmly believe in not replying. Our data backs this up, as the majority of Yelp’s 77 million reviews go unanswered. It seems that whether reviewers are gushing about their favorite coffee shop or perturbed by poor customer service, most business owners aren’t joining the conversation. So what’s the impact of not replying?

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